About the Artist

Kathleen McKee, like many embroidery digitizers started out as a hobbyist. Classes and seminars were few and far between in those days. With time and persistence she was fortunate to find classes taught by some of the best. Kathleen has traveled hundreds of miles to catch classes taught by Nita O’Keefe, Cindy Hogan, Becky J. McNeill, Steve Wilson and Walter Floriani! 

During this time she supported her hobby working as a registered nurse at a local hospital. She tried production and still sells or donates a limited number of original items. However, long runs on the embroidery machine do not leave enough time to plot and path complex designs, so lately she has been concentrating primarily on digitizing. 

Aware that there was a lack of such education in the Tidewater Virginia area, she developed a class of her own with the help of Tidewater-Sew-Vac, a locally owned chain. As everyone knows, nothing teaches you more than teaching. And that is where her art took off. 

After winning 1st place in the category of non-wearables for the Impressions Magazine 2007 competition, she figured it was time to put up her shingle, oleens.com. 

Kathleen is an independent, freelance digitizing artist who works for a limited number of customers. See what Oleen’s can do for your logo, design, or company!